You are what you DRESS

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Clothing has a significant effect on self-esteem and confidence, claims expert


“Wearing the right or wrong clothes can affect your attitude” is what Professor Karen Pine idealized. In her research of how a person’s attire affects confidence, she found out that students were assured and performed in many ways based on what they are wearing.

A new book by Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire suggests that in lowering and boosting your self-esteem, what you wear is mainly involved.  Together with her students, she asked them to wear a superman costume, by surprise, her students were found more confident both mentally and physically.

Professor Karen Pine‘s research is outlined in her new book Mind What You Wear where in the book she claims that there is nothing that clothing could affect a person’s mental processes, perception and what we wear could ultimately discern how confident we feel about ourselves. As we all know that our clothes affect other people’s impressions of us and so do ourselves to other people.

‘Now research shows what we wear affects us too. Mental processes and different thought is created based on putting our different set of clothes every day. Prof. Karen’s books would like to make people understand and be aware of the reality that our thoughts and moods depends and are influenced by the clothes we wear.

Some further research on clothing purposes

In her Study, a group of students were gathered and were told to put on their heroic attires- superman T-shirt. In her thoughts of how clothing changes how students act thought, she wasn’t disappointed. It even made clear that students did not only feel confident but also physically stronger. Students were also found to rate themselves as more likable and superior to other students as they thought they were stronger than students in a plain T-shirt, or in their own clothing.

There was also another test which resulted to a conclusion that in order to improve one’s mental agility, a person should wear a white coat.  Also, that comfort in the clothes worn affects performance in school. And in the book she claims that whenever a woman is stressed out, she’d likely neglect 90 per cent of their wardrobe, choosing to dress up only to feel confident.

Some tips on how to dress better

Tips on how to feel happier and more confident through wearing the right clothes for you were added to the scientific research of Professor Pine. She then highlighted that we are not only what we wear, but that we become what we wear. This means it’s also our choice on what we’d like other people and ourselves to perceive about us.

Lastly, Professor Pine’s research suggests in choosing and picking out clothes we plan to wear, we should always be careful and sensitive.