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Clothing has a significant effect on self-esteem and confidence, claims expert


“Wearing the right or wrong clothes can affect your attitude” is what Professor Karen Pine idealized. In her research of how a person’s attire affects confidence, she found out that students were assured and performed in many ways based on what they are wearing.

A new book by Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire suggests that in lowering and boosting your self-esteem, what you wear is mainly involved.  Together with her students, she asked them to wear a superman costume, by surprise, her students were found more confident both mentally and physically.

Professor Karen Pine‘s research is outlined in her new book Mind What You Wear where in the book she claims that there is nothing that clothing could affect a person’s mental processes, perception and what we wear could ultimately discern how confident we feel about ourselves. As we all know that our clothes affect other people’s impressions of us and so do ourselves to other people.

‘Now research shows what we wear affects us too. Mental processes and different thought is created based on putting our different set of clothes every day. Prof. Karen’s books would like to make people understand and be aware of the reality that our thoughts and moods depends and are influenced by the clothes we wear.

Some further research on clothing purposes

In her Study, a group of students were gathered and were told to put on their heroic attires- superman T-shirt. In her thoughts of how clothing changes how students act thought, she wasn’t disappointed. It even made clear that students did not only feel confident but also physically stronger. Students were also found to rate themselves as more likable and superior to other students as they thought they were stronger than students in a plain T-shirt, or in their own clothing.

There was also another test which resulted to a conclusion that in order to improve one’s mental agility, a person should wear a white coat.  Also, that comfort in the clothes worn affects performance in school. And in the book she claims that whenever a woman is stressed out, she’d likely neglect 90 per cent of their wardrobe, choosing to dress up only to feel confident.

Some tips on how to dress better

Tips on how to feel happier and more confident through wearing the right clothes for you were added to the scientific research of Professor Pine. She then highlighted that we are not only what we wear, but that we become what we wear. This means it’s also our choice on what we’d like other people and ourselves to perceive about us.

Lastly, Professor Pine’s research suggests in choosing and picking out clothes we plan to wear, we should always be careful and sensitive.


Top 4 Winter Outfit Ideas That Are Warm Inside And Cool Outside

All of us want to look cool and carefree even during the winter. Regardless of how bad it freezes outside, we want to look our best and flaunt our beauty instead of warping ourselves and look like a stuffed pillow. But it is almost close to impossible that we do it as we need to keep ourselves war as well. So here are some of the winter outfits that are warm inside and cool outside. You are tempted already, right? Let us get to the list.

Play with colour:

Almost all your outfits are going to be thick, and you are not going to wear anything that makes you looks skinny. But there is still a way out of the odds. All you can do is to play with the colours. You can go a little bold and wild, and we are sure you will grab some looks, and we mean it in the right sense. Use bright colours like red, and it is good to go with any jean. If for the winter you will never be able to throw on all these thick jackets and sweatshirts.

Layer yourself as much as you like:

This is the season of layering, and this is the right time to layer yourself as much as you can. It is all the time that you can wear cool and customized beanies and scarves that go well with your dress. If layering is your thing, then winter is your season. So brass yourself and throw all that you want on. Just make sure that you are staying on the trend and not looking like a wrapped elf.

Mix and match different materials:

Apart from playing with colors, you can also play with different textures of clothing. This is one thing that you can never do in summer but always during the winter. There are a lot of thick materials that you might not be able to put on in the summer. For instance, it could be a hand-knit woolen top. Pair it up with rugged jeans or thick leggings. You are not just keeping yourself warm but also setting the trend.

Pull out all the turtlenecks:

It is high time that you wear all the turtleneck tees that you wear. You cannot just accessorise it up but also match it with a lot of cool outfits. A thick turtleneck tee is going to keep you warm. So you can wear anything that is thin or thick on the top. If it is really cold, again you can pair it up with denim jeans and jacket. Or if the winter is not as pricking as it would be, you can pair with a backless maxi or a long skirt or any of your strapless summer dresses. This way you need not have to pack them aware, and you will not look seasonal.

It is high time that you wear all the turtleneck tees that you wear. You cannot just accessorise it up but also match it with a lot of cool outfits. A thick turtleneck tee is going to keep you warm. So you can wear anything that is thin or thick on the top. If it is really cold, again you can pair it up with denim jeans and jacket.http://www.allmineclothes.com/ Or if the winter is not as pricking as it would be, you can pair with a backless maxi or a long skirt or any of your strapless summer dresses. This way you need not have to pack them aware, and you will not look seasonal.

Does Our Clothing Represent Us Or Define Us? Understanding The Difference!

Clothes have become our second skin, and it is quite common that they represent who we are as people and the clothes that we wear are believed to be closely associated with the people we are. Many people across the globe believe that the clothes that we wear represent the culture and ethnicity that we belong to and because of that, we will have to dress accordingly. While some consider this as a social dogma that can go into the trash some consider it close to the heart. So here we are to analyse how much of the clothing that we wear represent us and does it have anything to do with the culture. So with no further delay, let us head to the list.

It does represent:

We also name the clothes that we wear to the places that we belong to. That is how the model of a particular dress is identified. We call certain dresses as Asian because they are worn only by the Asian men and women. Certain costumes across the globe are recognised and western wear as they are predominantly used by the westerners or probably launched by them. This is the reason why we say clothes represent us. Some of the clothes that we wear are so close to the country that they speak for itself. However certain costumes have gone so much global that we do not even know where they originated.

It doesn’t define a person:

Clothing might very well be a representation of culture and ethnicity. It could also in certain places act as a represent certain religious ceremonies. However, it stops there and doesn’t penetrate further. Clothing for sure doesn’t define who a person. This is where a lot of people are making a mistake. For instance, I could be an Asian wearing western clothes. But that doesn’t mean I am hippy or an outward person. I could also be a downright introvert. It is only a thin line of difference that we are trying to draw between representation and definition of self.

People are confused with the aspect of culture and get confused. That is why a person is judged based on what he or she wears. Women, in general, are prone to a lot of judgment when it comes to clothing. If you think there is something wrong with the dress that someone wears, then there is something wrong in the eyes of the beholder. So it is important that we understand the difference and stop judging people. But still, it is important that all of us remember that there is always a call for modesty and it is important that we stand by it.

Top 5 Clothing Hacks That Will Help You Any Day

All of us love to dress up well. While it comes naturally to some of us for others, it is definitely a task for which we will have to take a lot of strain. However, thanks for the big brain that see a hack in everything and can almost anything into a tip that makes your life better and easier than before. So here are some of the clothing hacks that will help you any day.

Put it around the Neck:

Now there is an easy way to make sure that a jean fits you without having actually to wear it. The next time you go to a store to buy a jean who shall never have to hit the trail room and take all the strain. Pick up the jean and place the waistline around the neck to see if it fits. This way you will be able to find if that is your size or not.

Get the Wrinkles out:

Have no time to iron your clothes? Here is one simple solution to get the wrinkles out of your dress. There are actually two simple ways to do it. You can either hang the dress inside the bathroom and then shower. If you are using hot water, the humid conditions can press the clothes and make it look neat. You can also sprinkle a bit of water on the outfit and use a blow dryer to dry it. Again this will remove the wrinkles from the dress.

Magic of Baby Powder:

All of us know how hard it is to get oil stains out of the clothes. That we why we curse ourselves under the breath if we spill something oily on a nice dress. An oil stain is quite hard to remove. But not anymore. If there is an oil stain, remove the dress and sprinkle some baby powder on it. The strain will disappear once you wash the dress. Just make sure that you sprinkle the powder. The same magic will work out even if you are going to wash it after days.

Go right with your Shoes:

White sneakers are one of the best apparels that you simply can’t avoid. However, it also hard to keep them white and clean all the time. But there is a simple way now. All you have to do is to mix a bit of baking soda to your detergent and use a brush to clean them up. They will certainly look brand new.

Soften your Leather Jacket:

It is not quite easy to take the hardness of a leather jacket especially when you are wearing it for the first time. Though you can’t hack that, you can break that in eventually. The simplest way to do it is to wear your jacket in the rains. Wearing it in the rain and making it wet is the easiest way to break them and loosen them a bit.