The five worst clothing trends in history, by popular belief


A lot of times, many new trends in clothing are a little too ambitious or not well thought out and as a result, they do not make the cut with the fashion police and are hence, quickly scrapped. In this article we have explored five such trends that have quickly faded away and are now extremely unpopular.

Today, Jeans have gone from being lose fit and covered, to skinny and ripped and now not even entirely there. 2017 saw jeans that were ripped to form large holes, jeans that were barely two strips of long cloth and jeans that were deranged beyond measure. Made out to seem a ‘fashion statement’ these denims did not however stick a chord with the public and were quickly tossed.

Corsets are a clothing trend that has been in existence since over hundreds of years ago. Earlier worn by women to make their waist look shapely and dainty, today corsets are not the preferred article of clothing by designers all over the world because they suffocate a woman’s body so much, she is barely able to breathe at times. While women back in the day bore the pain with a smile, today they know better than to subject their bodies to such torture.

There was a time when tights came out multi coloured and with ostentatious patterns that were thought to flatter a woman’s entire outfit. Many of these prints were however quickly tossed by people and replaced by subtler hues that were a little less over the top and could be worn with many more outfits.


Today backpacks are slowly becoming just a style statement over a practical purchase to store your things. Tiny backpacks, though cute to look at, are very impractical because even though they are called ‘backpacks’ they only serve the purpose of a clutch. There is very little space to hold anything more than your phone and perhaps some cash and these can be easily held by a handbag or purse.


Be it over sized jeans worn extremely low waist, Harem pants that hang loose in the middle, shorts that are a size too big etc., baggy clothes do little to make you look classy in any way. Quite the contrary, pants that hang in a way that show off underwear looks very badly thought out and is quite the trend that quickly needs to take a back seat in the fashion industry.