Does Our Clothing Represent Us Or Define Us? Understanding The Difference!

Clothes have become our second skin, and it is quite common that they represent who we are as people and the clothes that we wear are believed to be closely associated with the people we are. Many people across the globe believe that the clothes that we wear represent the culture and ethnicity that we belong to and because of that, we will have to dress accordingly. While some consider this as a social dogma that can go into the trash some consider it close to the heart. So here we are to analyse how much of the clothing that we wear represent us and does it have anything to do with the culture. So with no further delay, let us head to the list.

It does represent:

We also name the clothes that we wear to the places that we belong to. That is how the model of a particular dress is identified. We call certain dresses as Asian because they are worn only by the Asian men and women. Certain costumes across the globe are recognised and western wear as they are predominantly used by the westerners or probably launched by them. This is the reason why we say clothes represent us. Some of the clothes that we wear are so close to the country that they speak for itself. However certain costumes have gone so much global that we do not even know where they originated.

It doesn’t define a person:

Clothing might very well be a representation of culture and ethnicity. It could also in certain places act as a represent certain religious ceremonies. However, it stops there and doesn’t penetrate further. Clothing for sure doesn’t define who a person. This is where a lot of people are making a mistake. For instance, I could be an Asian wearing western clothes. But that doesn’t mean I am hippy or an outward person. I could also be a downright introvert. It is only a thin line of difference that we are trying to draw between representation and definition of self.

People are confused with the aspect of culture and get confused. That is why a person is judged based on what he or she wears. Women, in general, are prone to a lot of judgment when it comes to clothing. If you think there is something wrong with the dress that someone wears, then there is something wrong in the eyes of the beholder. So it is important that we understand the difference and stop judging people. But still, it is important that all of us remember that there is always a call for modesty and it is important that we stand by it.