Five classic clothing trends for women that never went away


Every now and then a trend makes it appearance in the fashion industry that is here to stay. Even if it disappears for a small amount of time, it has always bounced back with the same popularity in the future. In this article we have listed out some of these classic trends in clothing that never went away.



Classic white sneakers have always been the go to option for all sneaker lovers, no matter what the season. Reebok, Nike, Adidas and many more brands all have their own pair of old school white sneakers that have never lost its hype. Even today many of these are quickly sold out and beloved by people all over the globe.



No matter what your outfit choice is, be it skirts, jeans, a fancy jacket or anything else, a white t-shirt is always your perfect way to go. Having made its appearance decades back, it is a piece of clothing that has never gone out of style and probably never will. White is a classic colour that can be worn with all others and gives you a fresh and bright appearance.


animal prints

The colonisation, years ago, resulted in the Europeans bringing in the skins of leopards, tigers be worn as luxurious clothing, and to this day, this has remained a popular trend in fashion. With animal print, less is always more and hence, a coat or dress of the kind is best paired with minimalistic shoes or accessories. Today, animal print body con dresses and fur jackets are loved as much as they were over a millennium ago.

Popularised by Coco Chanel way back in the 1920’s, clothes that were predominantly categorised as menswear’ is now a trend of clothing used for women as well. To this day pants, blazers and suits in general add a dapper touch to women who prefer the attire a perfect choice for work or just a regular day out. Apart from such formal wear, even sportswear like jerseys, hoodies, cardigans etc. were also quickly popularised among women and pulled off by them with élan. Finally, accessories like fedoras, bow ties, a chunky watch and others initially worn only by men are today a style statement adopted by women that is here to stay.


Military wear, or the camouflage green coloured clothing is another trend that will never go away. Initially worn by civilians during the World War two, as well as in the Vietnam era as a symbol of protest, military wear is now a fashion statement adopted by people from all over the world. The deep green hues are a warm and soothing colour that is very popular to this day.